1. Descriptive Statistics
  2. Probability Theory
  3. Discrete Data Analysis
  4. Linear Regression Models
  5. Experimental Design
  6. Generalized Linear Models
  7. Non-parametric Tests
  8. Multivariate Analysis
  9. Data Mining and Machine Learning
  10. Sampling Theory and Methods
  11. Open Source Textbooks


Descriptive Statistics

Numerical summaries, statistical graphics




Probability Theory

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Discrete Data Analysis

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Linear Regression Models

Linear regression and correlation

Diagnostics and Transformations

Multiple linear regression

Statistical forecasting:

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  • Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis by D. Montgomery, E. Peck

Experimental Design

A field guild to experimental designs – including complete randomized design, randomized complete block design, factorial design, split plot design, etc.



Linear Mixed model

Repeated Measures

Sample size determination

Teaching materials

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Generalized Linear Models

Generalized Linear Model

Logistic Regression

Poisson Regression

Non-parametric Tests

Non-Parametric Alternatives to Parametric Tests

Type of Design Parametric Test Non-parametric Test
Two Independent Samples Independent –samples t-test Mann-Whitney U or Wilcoxon Rank Sums Test
Two Dependent Samples Dependent-samples t-test Wilcoxon T-test
Three or more Independent Samples Between-subjects ANOVA Kruskal-Wallis H Test
Three or more Dependent Samples Within-subjects ANOVA Friedman x2 Test

Mann-Whitney U (Wilcoxen-Rank Sums Test) and Kurskal-Wallis  (independent samples)

Background information and tutorial

Wilcoxen T-test and Friedman x2 Test (dependent samples)

Basic information and tutorials

Basic R code for basic Non-parametric Testing

Non-parametric regression

Generalized Additive Modeling (a specific type of non-parametric regression)

Online Courses

Multivariate Analysis

A guild to choose different statistical techniques of multivariate analysis


Principle Component Analysis

Factor Analysis

Online Courses

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Online Courses

Sampling Theory and Methods

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Open Source Textbooks