Q: Who can take advantage of GradQuant’s one-on-one consultation services?

A: GradQuant offers free quantitative methods consultations to all enrolled UCR graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

Q: What kinds of quantitative methods assistance can I receive?

A: We provide assistance with any quantitative research project, during any stage of the data collection, interpretation, and presentation process. We also offer assistance with coursework and test prep. To get an idea of what consultation types we currently offer, see our staff bios. It is up to students to make an appointment with the appropriate staff member based on their expertise and the type of appointment needed. If your topic of interest is not listed, please send us an email at gradquant@ucr.edu. See our consultation appointment system tutorial for additional assistance.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Click the link at the bottom of the page to get started. If you are a new user, please take a moment to create an account and visit the tutorial. After creating an account, choose “GQ Consultations” or “GQ Workshop” from the drop-down menu when selecting the consultation type.

Q: Do you offer appointments for students who can’t come to campus?

A: Yes! As of Winter 2019, Skype appointments are available to students for whom extenuating circumstances make coming to campus impossible. See our Distance Consultations page for more information.

Q: What can I expect at my first consultation?

A: Depending on the complexity of the statistics that your project involves, sometimes your question can be answered in the first meeting, but most likely, the first appointment will be an introduction of your problems to the consultant and a follow-up appointment will be needed.

Please make sure you answer the question: “What would you like to address during your consultation?” when you sign up. Also, if you have documents you would like your consultant to look at before the appointment, be sure to attach them or to email them to GradQuant@ucr.edu. Time permitting, we will review your materials in advance of your appointment.

Q: What should I bring to my appointment?

A: Bring as much or as little as you have. We can help you at any stage of working with quantitative methods. If you have anything listed below that may help the consultation, bring them to the appointment: any material that will help us understand your project and problems; any write-up on how to set up your experiments or collect your data; your data if it has been collected; statistical results; any reference paper from the relevant studies; comments from the paper reviewers or your dissertation committee, etc.

Q: How long are appointments and how many appointments can I make per week?

A: Appointments are either 20 minutes or 50 minutes in length and begin at 10 minutes past the hour or half hour. You may book up to 2 appointments per week and only one appointment per day. If possible, please arrive up a few minutes early to get checked in.

Q: What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

A: No problem! Review or make changes to your appointment by logging into your account below. Cancellations must be made at least two hours before your scheduled appointment time. Please note that if you fail to cancel your appointment and do not show up two times (in the GradQuant space or the Graduate Writing Center), you will be barred from utilizing all GradSuccess resources for the remainder of the Quarter.

Q: Where is GradQuant located?

A: Currently, all one-on-one GradQuant consultations take place in the Life Sciences Building, Room #1425.

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