GradQuant consultations are available for any quantitative needs you may have. This includes questions related to your research, coursework, and anything else you may be working on as a graduate student. Consultations can range from getting started with statistics to complex methodology and from a brief code check to weekly tutoring for a quantitative course. Our consultants’ areas of expertise are listed with their staff bios and on WC Online, our appointment scheduling system. If you have a question that may not be covered by our collective expertise, please reach out to us via email at Please note that more complex problems may require multiple appointments.

New: As of February 2019, GradQuant is offering distance appointments via Skype for students who are unable to come to campus. Please see our Distance Consultations page for more information.

We offer 20 and 50 minute one-on-one consultations that meet 10 minutes after the hour or half-hour. Appointments take place in the GradQuant office (LFSC 1425) unless extenuating circumstances make coming to campus difficult. In these cases, students may request a Skype appointment. If you are new to GradQuant, please review our consultation policies prior to your first appointment. If you need more immediate assistance, a one-on-one consultation isn’t right for you, or you want something more flexible, please consider our drop-in hours.

· Consultation Policies FAQ

· Appointment System Tutorial

· Distance Appointments

If you are a returning visitor, please click the link below to sign up for a consultation. You may sign up for a consultation as early as two weeks in advance. Reminder: two no-shows in GradQuant or the Graduate Writing Center will result in loss of privileges to GradSuccess resources for the remainder of the quarter.

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