Tues, Sep 3, 2024 to Fri, Sep 13, 2024

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, daily (excluding weekends)

Meetings will be on Zoom

This summer, students will meet online on nine consecutive weekday mornings for 3-hour sessions via Zoom. Participation each day is required to remain in the program. An in-person gathering with refreshments is planned for all who complete QuantCamp. (Tentatively scheduled for Mon, Sep 16th at 1:00 PM in LFSC 1425.)

Session recordings will be available after QuantCamp ends on Fri, Sep 15th. Recordings and materials will be accessible through eLearn to those registered for the program.



QuantCamp is designed primarily to prepare first-year graduate students for the graduate-level quantitative methods they will be using in their research. The program is an initial introduction for those with no experience in programming and statistics, but can also be a refresher course for those who have previously been exposed to the content. Participants will be introduced to foundational concepts routinely used and referenced by most quantitative methods in science, learning basic mathematical and statistical concepts combined with a practical introduction to data analysis using R.

The broader purpose of QuantCamp is to foster graduate student success in the first academic year by facilitating the transition from undergraduate work to the rigorous quantitative methods training that will be given in their home departments. The program also aims to acclimate incoming cohorts to the new academic environment at UCR and provide a space for incoming graduate students to meet and socialize with their fellow graduate students and future colleagues.

Graduate students beyond the first year in their programs are welcome to email the GradQuant program specialist ( for information about participating in QuantCamp.

Please also visit the GradSuccess Summer Programming page to see other summer programs such as our grant writing workshop series offered by the Graduate Writing Center